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For businesses with as few as two employees up to 50 and more, we can help you find a cost effective way to offer your employees a health insurance plan that makes sense. We also customize comprehensive benefits packages for those who want to offer their employees additional optional plans such as vision, dental, disability and more.  We help both the business that desires to contribute to their employee’s premiums and those who want to help their employees a different way - by offering the advantages of a group plan at the employee’s expense.  With options such as self-funded employee plans, indemnity health plans and more we can find a plan that fits.  No two businesses are alike, so why should your insurance be?   Let us help you design a plan that works.  Although we can work with any company in the State of Georgia, we especially serve Buford,  Lawrenceville and all the surrounding counties.

The list below is an overview of what we can do for you.  We know it's long, but we feel well worth the read!  Not enough time?  Give us a call and we'll net it out for you 404-380-1903.  Or, to same even more time, you can quickly fill out our free assessment form to give us a jump start and we'll get back to you right away.  Just click the link below.

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Innovative Cost Saving Strategies


Self-funded Health Insurance Plans

These plans are very attractive because healthy groups have the ability to get money back each year on their premiums.  For the years that the group is in good health, your company saves money on premiums for the following year!  Cost savings is paid back to you in a variety of ways from crediting next years premiums to cash back for your business.

Until recently, self-funded plans were only available to larger employee groups.  Now, there are several major carriers making self-funded plans available to smaller companies, yet most require a minimum of 5 employees.  Our company represents a major carrier that has an option that allows groups as small as two as long as they are not a married couple.   This means a small company of two; an employer with one employee can qualify for this type of plan.   Larger groups qualify with a certain percentage of the employees participating.  

The self-funded plans we most often recommend have small co-pays for routine office visits, preventative care at no cost and drug benefits.  As with any health insurance plan, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium.  The self-funded plans also consider underwriting, which for the healthier groups mean lower premiums.  Once the annual deductible is met, some plans pay 100% of all medical expenses for the rest of the year. These plans work well for companies of all sizes.

Let's set up a consultation at no cost to you to discuss your options.  Call 404-380-1903 or email janet@jdinsurancesolutions.com.

Fixed Benefit Indemnity Healthcare Plans

The fixed benefit indemnity healthcare plans are very popular because they offer substantial cost savings over other types of health insurance.  With these plans there are no co-pays, and no deductibles.  Each healthcare service pays you a flat amount.  For example, the plan we most recommend pays from $3,000 to $6,000 each day of a hospital stay.  This particular plan has annual limits ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000 with a lifetime maximum of $5,000,000.

The fixed benefit indemnity plans work well for those in relatively good health who want help with doctor office visits, preventative care, testing and labs and visits to the ER or hospital.   Although this plan is advantageous at any age up to 65, it is especially well suited to provide coverage for healthy young people.

How does this type of plan work for a small company?  We can sign up employees who are interested individually and then consolidate one bill for payment.  At that point, you have the discretion of paying the entire premium or a portion of the premium. 

Faith Based Health Insurance Programs

Typically, faith based healthcare programs offer substantial cost savings over traditional healthcare insurance.  These plans are not insurance but offer cost sharing through their memberships.  

Faith based employee programs work well for churches, ministries and Christian companies.  The program we represent is MediShare, a 25 year old ministry with a reputation of paying every eligible healthcare bill in the history of their existence.  There is no annual or lifetime maximum - they have shared (similar to a paid claim) as high as $1,000,000.

Each employee who desires to participate would be signed up individually with a consolidated bill of all participating employees sent directly to the church, ministry or business.  At that point, it would be at your discretion to pay all or a portion of the monthly share amount (similar to a premium). 

MediShare members have access to one of the largest PPO Networks in the nation for discounted provider rates.  There are several annual household portion amounts (like a deductible) to choose from - once met, all eligible healthcare costs are paid at 100%.  

Employee Group Medicare Plans

Do you have employees who qualify for Medicare?  Are you paying retiree's healthcare premiums as part of your retirement package?  If so, by taking your over 65 employees and retirees off  your regular employee healthcare plan; a)  your group health plan premiums go down and ; b) the new Medicare plans will most likely cost much less than what you're paying for them on your group employee plan.  This is another cost saving strategy that can save your company money.  

We have many good options all of which should save you substantially depending on how many employees qualify for your Group Medicare Plan.  You can then pay all or a portion of these premiums at your discretion.  

You don't have to leave your current healthcare plan to do this - we can help you  separately; independent of your current plan.  Let us set up a Group Medicare Plan for your over 65 employees, retirees and spouses if you choose.  

MEDICARE Group of ONE - for professionals.   We also offer a special Medicare employee group plan open to individuals who carry a professional license and who qualify for Medicare  This plan has some very attractive benefits.  

  • First, there is no underwriting at any age 65 and over.  
  • You can sign up at any time of the year.  
  • This plan is guarantee issue and guarantee renewable.  
  • It also has a wide selection of deductibles ranging from zero to $10,000.  
  • You can design your plan with or without co-pays.  
  • This plan operates like a Medicare supplement.  You can design your plan to look like a Medicare supplement such as Plan G or Plan F.   

We especially like this plan because licensed professionals with health issue can join with no underwriting and at reasonable rates.  The only requirement for individuals besides Medicare eligibility is that the beneficiary must hold a professional license to do business.  For example: contractors, attorneys or accountants.

This plan can also be offered to larger groups including employees 65+, company retirees and spouses.  

Traditional Employee Health Insurance Plans

Traditional employee group health insurance plans offer benefits that fit some companies very well.  Most require no underwriting, offer cost savings through high deductibles, and include added benefits such as low co-pays for doctor's office visits, labs, drugs and other routine healthcare.  In addition, some offer help with higher cost diagnostic test, and hospital stays before the annual deductible is met. Traditional healthcare plans are fully funded by the carrier. 

Group Supplemental Health Insurance


We also help companies add supplemental health coverage to their employee group health insurance such as:

  • dental
  • vision
  • hospital indemnity
  • critical illness
  • accident coverage
  • term life with living benefits
  • long term care
  • legal assistance
  • pet insurance

These are added benefits usually offered employees as self pay options.

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